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This rail line started as the Tennessee Midland Railroad in 1886. The line was then bought by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad which operated the line under its subsidiary, the NC&StL (Nashville Chattanooga and St.Louis) Railroad. At the right are links to more railroad history.

The west end of the greenline is at Tillman St. a little north of Walnut Grove. Parking is available at the main library just west of Chickasaw Oaks Mall.

The next trail entrance is at Highland St.

The next trail entrance is at High Point Terrace. There is no parking nearby. If you need a rest stop the High Point Shops are just north of the greenline. The center has a grocery store, a pub, and a pizza place. You can get an energy drink or snack, have a brew, a slice of pizza, or other treat with your choice of beverage.
Cheffie's Cafe serves fresh sandwiches and salads.

There is a trail entrance at Graham St. There is no nearby parking.

The trail entrance at Waring Rd. has parking nearby at Summer Shopping Center. There is a stop light so crossing Summer Ave. is easy. If you crave a sweet treat, Howard's Donuts is on the corner of Summer and Waring one block from the Greenline. There is a private water kiosk at Waring Rd. just south of the Greenline.

There is trail access at Perkins Road. There is a walkway on the east side of Perkins.

There is a trail entrance at Podesta St. This is the TDOT facility entrance and they need this road to stay clear. They bring a lot of equipment through this entrance. The nearest parking is at Cloverleaf Center. It is necessary to cross the bridge over Sam Cooper and ride through the neighborhood.

Parking may be available in the weekend offender lot on the north side of the greenway. Parking is also available in the Code Enforcement Dept. parking lot.

The connector to the Chickasaw Lake Trail makes it possible to park in Shelby Farms for Greenline access.

Bicycle rentals are available next to the Operations Center and at the Visitor Center. Click on the link below for bike rental hours of operation.

Click here for bike rental information.

Tillman Street to High Point Terrace

High Point Terrace to Mendenhall Rd

Mendenhall Rd to Sycamore View Rd

Sycamore View Rd to connector to Shelby Farms Park

Hybrid Pedestrian Beacon Operation at Highland and Graham Streets

The signals are normally off for vehicle lanes and showing WAIT for the crosswalk.
When the button is pressed to cross the street the light sequence starts as shown in the picture to the left.
When a Hybrid Beacon is showing the countdown, the vehicle lanes see the flashing red lights. This means that vehicles can proceed through the crosswalk if it is clear. During the countdown, do not dart into the traffic lanes without checking that drivers in vehicles see you!
These pedestrian beacons operate differently than a regular traffic signal. On a regular traffic signal, while the pedestrian signal is flashing or showing a countdown, the vehicle lanes see a solid red light meaning STOP.

Print two sided and tri-fold like a letter.