For the first time since 1996, it is fully legal for bicycles to use the all of the Wolf River Trails in the Lucius Burch Natural Area (LBNA) in Shelby Farms Park. The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) updated the management rules for natural areas in 2013. This update includes a bicycle exception that seemed to be written just for Shelby Farms Park. The Shelby Farms Park Conservancy requested to put the exception in place in 2014. The exception was approved by TDEC in 2015. This is the result of MSTA working with Shelby Farms Park for many years to change their attitude about mountain bikes. Complete documentation is available on the library page.
This notice was posted on the WRT Tresspassers group on Facebook on September 8, 2014. This applies to the private land shown in the map below.
WRT Trespassers on Facebook
Posted by Nick Coleman

Update ! We will be putting up a gate this weekend. It will not close the old connection between the yellow and blue but will cutoff all traffic to the property's interior. Once the gate is installed we will be forced to take legal action on anyone that is caught in that area!