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Stolen Bulldozer Wreaks Havoc in Shelby Farms

On Friday night, December 29, 2006, someone stole a bulldozer from the Walnut Grove construction site and drove it north on the yellow trail. The goal was to clear a wide trail and make a creek crossing for the 4-wheeler traffic that has worked it's way south from Summer Ave.

MSTA has received several warnings about the 4-wheeler progress in the area and sent those warnings to Shelby Farms Park administration. Unfortunately, no action was taken.

A coalition of organizations has pledged a reward for information that leads to arrest and conviction of the people responsible for this damage. The reward fund stands at $3000 at this time.

Everyone is warned to be very careful in the Wolf River area in Shelby Farms. There are reports of objects being thrown at runners and riders in the area.

The pictures below show the damage on Sunday morning, December 31. The rain Saturday washed out the creek crossing, however the perpetrators have returned to begin filling the gap with logs.

Some pictures of the bulldozer damage.

Large creek crossing was created but washed out by the rain.

Same place a few days later. Washed out area filled with logs.
Notice the 2 big ruts. That's not from bicycle wheels.