MSTA is proud to provide encouragment and assistance to young people willing to invest their
time to improve recreation in our community.
Eagle Scout Projects at Stanky Creek
Cutting parts for
sections of
Assembly of
parts into
A pile of supports for the
Test layout of
completed sections.
Robbie test riding
the boardwalk.
Complete boardwalk
sections ready to be
taken to the work site
and installed.
"Eagle Scouts are recognized as a group of men who are outstanding in all that Scouting
represents. I encourage you to become a member of this elite group."
Ray Williams (Chief Scout Executive) Reproduced from Eagle Scout Project Workbook.
The Boardwalk in place at
Stanky. Much
appreciated by all.
Thanks Robbie!
Eagle Scout candidate Robbie Davis proposed for his Leadership Service Project to construct
and install a boardwalk over a section of trail at Stanky Creek that is usually a swamp. This
project will improve these trails for all users. The pictures below show the work that went into
Robbie's project. The boardwalk was installed in October 2004.

Peter Ross - Bridge Repair and Trail Clean Up.
Robbie Davis - Boardwalk Over Wet Area.
Peter Ross of Troop 487
stands with the pile of
junk removed from the
Blue Trail area at Stanky
Creek. Peter and his
crew are also repairing
many of the bridges
along the trails. Thanks!
Mid-South Trails Association