Pictures Taken December 1 & 2, 2001 at Shelby Farms
Looking across Walnut
Grove Road from the soccer
field parking lot. That is
backup water from the Wolf
River over there.
Looking down the road from
the soccer field parking lot to
the Walnut Grove Road
bridge. No parking today!
Steps down to the white trail.
The blue trail at levee 2. A
lot of water under and over
the bridge.

This picture was published in
the January 2002 Health and
Fitness News.
Standing on the white trail
looking south. The blue trail
is under that water
The full power of the Wolf
River at 100 year flood. Not
in sheep's clothing today.
The pictures below were taken Dec. 30, 2001. They
show the effects the flooding had on the trails.
This bridge was moved and
damaged during the high
water in February 2001. The
December 2001 flooding
caused more damage and
moved the bridge about 4
feet towards the west.

Several smaller bridges
floated out of place.
A board caught in a tree
shows how high the river
was at this location.
Large logs were tossed
about like twigs in the
powerful flow of the flooding
Wolf River. This picture is of
the yellow trail. In the first 3/4
mile of the blue trail 8 trees
are down in the trail.
At several locations the river
bank washed out leaving the
trail on the edge.
This is another location
where the river bank washed
out. Notice the concave cut
out in the bank. We are
walking and riding on air!
In many places the force of
the rushing water scoured
out new holes or ripples in
the ground. This new hole is
of notable size. That is a full
size mountain bike there.
Wishing for a day at the
beach? The Wolf River
deposited tons of sand at
various places on the yellow
trail. This is just one.
Here the water's force
stripped the leaves off the
plants to well away from the
river bank.
The entire forest was
covered with water. This old
river channel is crossed by
the blue trail. This water was
3 to 4 feet deep on the day
of this picture. No telling
how long it will take for this to
soak in.
Mid-South Trails Association