Pictures of the Herb Parsons
Bridge Repair Day.
On November 5, 2005, MSTA volunteers repaired the long bridge at Herb Parsons Lake. This bridge was
crushed by a fallen tree first weakened by the extremely severe storm in July 2003. The eastern 8 feet of
the bridge was damaged, splintering one of the beams and dislodging the decking. An MSTA member cut
the tree from the bridge several weeks before the work day. A crew was organized to jack up the
undamaged structure and repair the beam and decking. The steps at the end of the bridge were removed
and replaced by ramps for easier riding. Some new trail was cut for a better approach to the bridge. The
pictures below show the tree damaging the bridge and the repair day activities. Thanks our volunteers who
gave their time to do this repair and to TWRA for loaning MSTA their work boat to carry the tools and
materials across the lake.
Thanks to Lance P. for the
first two pictures. This one is
a close up view of the fallen
tree and how the bridge was
This picture shows a
mountain biker crossing the
tree. This longer shot shows
that only about 1/4 of the
bridge was damaged.
The bridge is returned to a
position level with the ground
and the rail stanchion is
removed from the shattered
A new board is attached to
the damaged beam and a
cross brace is installed.
Additional work to repair the
Reinstalling the deck on the
repaired section. All work
was done with outdoor rated
screws instead of nails to
extend the life of the repair.
Prepairing the center
support. This support takes
the load off of the repaired
beam and reduces side
sway of the bridge.
Finishing touches on the
ramp on the west end of the
Chris I. test rides the
repaired bridge. This bridge
should stand for many more
Mid-South Trails Association