Pictures of the September 2008 bridge project at Herb Parsons.

In 2003 when Hurricane Elvis came through, a small bridge on the south side of the lake was crushed by a fallen large limb. Anyone who knows Herbs knows the place since two 4X4's are sticking out of the creek at the fatal spot.

When the creek is wet, people throw whatever dead fall they can find to create a place to step across the creek. That is no longer needed.

In September 2008, MSTA went a little upstream to construct a new bridge that spans the creek to provide a dry crossing in any conditions. Here are some pictures of that project. This is an example of your MSTA $$$ at work.

Remember this bridge?

The tools and pre-cut lumber arrive at the site

Chris C. clearing approach trails to new bridge.

Steve K. cutting down a dead tree that was poised to fall on the new bridge someday.

Assembling the lumber into the structural elements of the bridge.

Morris M. and Larry D. attaching the decking.

It's hard to see, but this bridge is level!

Your MSTA bridge crew. Chris C. had to leave early so is not in this picture.