TWRA Herb Parsons - Lake Loop Trail

Two archery groups hold events at Herb Parsons. The archery groups are Wolf River Bowhunters Shooting Club and Lost Tribe Archery.

In 2013 the archery field was reoriented and the trail route was modified. It is no longer necessary to close the trail on the north side of the lake during archery events. Lake Manager Damon Boyce was instrumental in getting these changes made.

Wolf River Bowhunter and Lost Tribe Archery shoot schedules are below.

Wolf River Bowhunters and
Lost Tribe Archery
Shooting Club Event Schedules

A mile of new trail was opened on August 26, 2006.
The new trail is marked in grey on the map below.
Trail is flagged with white tape.
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MSTA and Partner Bicycle Shops Help Get a
Bike Friendly Land Manager on the Trail

In March Steve Kuhar and I had a meeting with Herb Parsons Lake manager Damon Boyce. We spent about two hours on the trails. Steve and I rode our bikes and Damon was on a 4 wheeler. We talked about the existing trail conditions and our desires for the future. Damon gave us his outlook for the future of the trails at Herbs.

Damon said he appreciates the work done by the mountain bike community to maintain and improve the trails at Herb Parsons. He wants our working relationship to continue. MSTA was given approval to continue working to improve the trails with minimal supervision.

During the meeting Damon told us he would like to spend more time on the trails at Herbs. However, he did not want to be out there on his TWRA supplied 4 wheeler. Damon said he would rather have a mountain bike, reserving the motorized vehicle for heavy maintenance and rescue operations.

MSTA began a project to get Damon on the trails on a mountain bike. We contacted our partner bicycle shops to get Damon outfitted. Response to our request has gone beyond our wildest dreams.

During a trail workday, Karen at Bikes Plus called me to say they wanted to donate a mountain bike to this project. You could have knocked me into the Wolf River with a feather! Hal at Peddler Bike Shop and Chad at Bike World volunteered to donate the many accessories needed to complete the package. Thanks to our partner bike shops, we will be able to present Damon a complete mountain bike package ready to ride.

MSTA members and Jason from Bikes Plus presented the Trek mountain bike and accessories to Damon on June 11, 2005. Damon is looking forward to being on the trails at Herbs. In addition, Damon is also wanting to participate in our trail work days!

If you visit Bikes Plus, Peddler, or Bike World, be sure to thank them for their support of mountain biking and MSTA. And BUY SOMETHING! This project would not be possible without our partner bicycle shops. They deserve our support! MSTA members receive discounts on many purchases at our partner bike shops.

Lost Tribe Archery 2018 shoot schedule.

Saturday February 10
Saturday March 10
Saturday April 14
Saturday May 12
Saturday June 09
Saturday July 14
Saturday August 11
Saturday September 08
October Extra Shoot TBA

New bridge built to complete trail reroutes at Herb Parsons. These new trail segments bypass several muddy areas. Click here to see the pictures>

Taking down a "widow maker" leaning tree. Click here to see the pictures>

Topographical map of the Herb Parsons Lake area from 1943 which is before the lake existed. The blue circle is the lake location. Notice that Monterey Rd. intersected with Fisherville Rd. where the bottom of the lake is now and extended to Chulahoma Rd..
TWRA cannot implement the "High Impact License" fee at Herb Parsons at this time. The regulation is specific to Wildlife Management Areas.
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Wolf River Bowhunters 2018 shoot schedule.

Sunday February 18
Sunday March 18
Saturday April 21
Saturday May 19
Saturday June 16
Saturday July 21
Saturday August 18
Saturday September 15

This is a planning map from some time ago. It is here to illustrate the routes shown on the new trail markers installed in December 2016. A new map with detailed information and new features is in development. That map will replace this one when it is ready.

Example of the new color coded trail markers installed by Mid-South Trails Association.