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E-bike useability report below trail map.

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E-bike use on Memphis area trails. Information as of April 24, 2017.

With more and more E-bikes coming on the market and much discussion about their use on trails, MSTA contacted Memphis area land managers asking about the use E-bikes on trails under their jurisdiction.

Herb Parsons Lake:
When MSTA installed the trail marker system in December 2016, Lake Manager Damon Boyce requested we include stickers indicating E-bikes are prohibited on this trail system.

Lakeland I. H. Managerial Park:
Received from Parks and Recreation Director Robbie Spencer:
We are currently reworking our trail usage policy and although it is not technically in our policy prohibiting E-Bikes, we inform everyone we do not allow any off road recreational vehicle on our trails. We are formally developing an ordinance to prohibit any recreational vehicle including E-Bikes on our trail system.

Nesbit Park (Stanky Creek):
Received from Parks and Recreation Director Shan Criswell:
I never thought about E-bikes before on our trails at Nesbit. There is a sign that says no motorized vehicles but that is it. Right now we do not have a position on this. Shan is also going to contact Stanky Creek Cycling for their input on E-bike use at Nesbit Park.

Shelby Farms Park:
MSTA contacted both the Shelby Farms Park Conservancy and TDEC Natural Area officials.

Received from SFPC Executive Director Jen Andrews:
I don't think we have a formal policy on electric bikes using off-road trails, but we'll definitely explore and consider it.

Received from TDEC Division of Natural Areas Allan Trently:
E-bikes are not allowed on state natural area trails.
As most SNAs have no biking, this will not be an issue. The Act or the rules never use the word bicycle but “biking” is mentioned in a section of the rules. Unlike law, rules don’t define the terms, but “biking” should imply a wheeled vehicle powered by a person not be electricity or some other motorized vehicle.

These natural area rules apply to the LBNA (WRT) in Shelby Farms and the Old Forest Natural Area in Overton Park. Standard human powered bicycles are allowed in the Shelby Farms LBNA and the Overton Park Old Forest NA per the exemption offered to county and municipally owned natural areas.